Cub Cadet History


The story of Cub Cadet is a story of accomplishments – and where those accomplishments lead. As you look at our timeline, you'll see that when you‘re driven by innovation, each advance leads to something greater which gives you a glimpse of the future.

That’s what makes the prospect of the next 50 years so exciting.

Brand History


1st Cub Cadet hits the market. The “Original” brought the durability and quality of the International Harvester (IH) Cub tractor to the suburban market. It was an immediate hit with 20,000 produced in the first year alone.


1st shaft drive model featured the innovative coupling of a direct shaft with the most heavy-duty transmission available on a garden tractor. This combination resulted in smoother operation and longer life and is still used in some applications today.


World’s 1st garden tractor allowed the operator to have complete control over speed and eliminated the 123, this incredibly popular engine and transmission combination would be a best seller for nearly 15 years. Hydrostatic Drive was developed.


“Cadet” lawn tractor debuts the Model 76 “Cadet” brought the premium quality and engineering of the Cub line to the new market of small yard owners. Around this time, someone said “A man bought a Cadillac and a Cub Cadet on the same day. His neighbours asked to see the Cub Cadet.”


1st super garden tractor. The Model 982 set the standard for a market called “Super Garden Tractors”. Cub Cadet offered a bigger frame, stronger transmission and all around bigger unit with compact tractor features like a 3-pt hitch, rear PTO and turning brakes.


1st twin cylinder engine debuts in the 82, this platform drove business for 18 years. It boasted a smoother ride and more horsepower. In fact, salespeople would place a glass of water on the hood of a running 82 to demonstrate the smoothness.


The new standard in quality of cut. Models 805, 1105,1605 and 1610 signal the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of Cub Cadet. Featuring new style decks, these models raised the bar in the industry for quality of cut, ease of operation, comfort to the driver and modern styling.


Most advanced garden tractor in the industry. When the Model 1864 debuted, it was the industry’s most advanced garden tractor. It featured a hydraulic deck lift and power steering– the first to bring these premium features to the world of garden tractors.


1st steerable track drive snow thrower. Cub Cadet was the first to introduce a steerable track drive snow thrower to the market, making Cub Cadet heavy-duty snow throwers the most manoeuvrable and easiest to operate on the market.


1st lawn tractor with shaft drive. Cub Cadet brought the advanced performance of a shaft drive design to the lawn tractor segment with the 2000 Series. Sales were forecast for 5,000 units, but the 2000 Series smashed those expectations with over 60,000 sold.


Cub Cadet Z-Series is born. This was the beginning of Cub’s market leadership in the zero-turn category. In the years to come, Cub Cadet innovations in zero-turn riders will drive the industry in new and exciting ways – leading the way to today’s Z-Force S and TANK S.


Front-Cut Mower débuts. Cub Cadet introduces the front-cut mower with a zero turning radius. These new mowers combine the manoeuvrability of a zero-turn rider, comfort of a garden tractor, operator view of a residential zero-turn and accuracy of a front-mount deck.


500 Series Lawn Tractors – Made in Germany. Production of Cub Cadet 500 Series lawn tractors with rear discharge starts in Saarbruecken, Germany.


Utility vehicles débuts. Utility Vehicles added a new dimension of versatility to the Cub Cadet brand, and gave homeowners, groundskeepers and other professionals another way to count on Cub Cadet’s legendary durability and innovation.


Synchro Steer Technology débuts, an industry 1st in a giant leap forward for zero-turn riders. First appearing in the AllRounder and later in multiple Z-Force S and TANK S models, Synchro Steer Technology brought four-wheel directional steering with steering wheel control to zero-turn riders.


Industry’s tightest turning radius. Driven by innovation, Cub Cadet turned its attention to manoeuvrability, resulting in a lawn tractor with an industry-leading 40 cm turning radius– the 1000 Series – and the revolutionary zero-turn with four-wheel directional steering – the Z-Force S.


Celebrating with innovation. Cub Cadet celebrates its 50th year with the redesigned 2000 Series, 38 cm turning radius and power steering on the garden tractors.


TRiLOY Series lawn mowers début. Introduction of the “TRILOY Series” lawn mowers in Europe as well as the new 700 and 1000 Series lawn tractors.


Robotic mowers. Cub Cadet introduces robo mowers. These mowers provide a lush green lawn leaving free time for gardening and other leisure activities.


Introduction of the inno​vative boosted airflow technology.


My Speed - The innovative variable speed system.

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